Dragons delay spray


  • Made in German
  • Best For Premature Ejaculation
  • 45 ML Packing
  • Free Delivery across Nation
  • 100% Imported
  • 2 years Expiry


Dragons delay spray in Pakistan

Dragons Delay spray for men is made with additional nutrient E and ayurvedic fixings (ingredients). The powerful recipe attempts to improve the sex time and forestall untimely discharge. You will improve and enduring intercourse for a definitive sex insight. Dragons delay spray is very effective to play a long time on bed with their desire lady. once you splash it on your penis it will reduce the sensitivity of your part so that you can have more time to play sex activity.

Work & Benefits of the spray

Here are some benefits of spray

  • splash it on your penis before 25 to 30 minute
  • stay calm and wait for the time so that it can be work effectively on time
  • splash it upper and lower side of your penis
  • wash your hand and penis as well if you want some feeling of insertion
  • it will reduce the sensitivity of your penis which is most effective while having sex
  • will give you more time to enjoy
  • your partner will be happy with your sex timing

Price for the spray

Dragons delay spray is very cheap in buying and it’s very effective because it contains lidocaine gel formulation inside. you can have it for just Rs. 2500/-.


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